Schedule Of events for the month of December

A Veteran’s Day Remembrance....   On Monday, November 16th  WWII  Veteran Joe Folino, age 93, from the Hempfield - Jeannette area of Westmoreland County presented his experience during the Battle of the Bulge.  Joe was a gunner in a tank division and kept all focused on his informal delivery and display of memorabilia.  

Location: Murrysville Senior Citizen Center, 3091 Carson Street, Murrysville, PA 15668

Local Roots partners with Murrysville Community Library in hosting a Tea with a presentation of 18th Century Woman.  MHPS members participating included Sharon Parker, Suellen Watt, Linda Benson, Anna Pinto and Carol Intrieri.  Suellen Watt honors Anna Pinto for participation in first Tea.

We wish to express much gratitude to all who made Heritage Festival 2015 an enjoyable historical community event...participants for sharing their time and talents, financially contributed or donated in kind donations and of course, to al those who visited the festival grounds. 

Heritage Festival 2015

Preparing for Heritage Heritage 2015 on site at the Sampson/Clark Log toll House are members  Anna Pinto, Dan Plance, Lance Wilson, Sharon Parker, Alice Artman and Carol Intrieri.  Leonard Benson promises to return roasting crowd pleaser favorites of potatoes and corn.  Our Heritage Villagers and guests are looking forward to the re-enacted wedding of Paisley Wiley and Brian Daughtery at 11:30, Toll House Square.  Circuit Rev. Lance Wilson will officiate.  Henrietta chicken and friends are busy laying eggs as many will be need for the baking of wedding cookies.  Join  re-enactors, village merchants, musicians, food vendors, village school marm and students, settlers and frontiersmen for a day of living Franklin Township history of the 1700-1800s.  

History at Turtle Creek

MHPS member, Carl Schlenke, presented History of the Turtle Creek during monthly meeting last evening at the Murrysville Community Center.  Included in his flowing presentation, Carl describes origin on Athena Drive in Delmont to merge into the Monongahela River in Braddock, pre-historic settlements dating to Paleolithic era,  farming lifestyle of the Turtle Clan of the Delaware nation, European influences of mills, coal mines and the Turtle Creek Valley Railroad as well as his personal memories of life along the Turtle Creek.  Thank you, Carl, for your part in preserving our history for today and for future generations!

MHPS Local Roots Production members Suellen Watt, as Mademoiselle Suzette LeFleur, and Carol Intrieri, as teacher assistant,  keep mid-1700s history alive at the Murrysville Community Library this morning.  Stepping up to the beat of Yankee Doodle and Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear the little Yankees and moms tune in to Mademoiselle Suzette playing the auto harp. In closing, Carol Intrieri presents Librarian Carol Siefken a copy of WELCOME TO FELICITY’S WORLD 1774 (American Girl).  

As a outreach format of the MHPS, Local Roots attempts to take local history into the heart of the community.  

History is alive in Murrysville and each MHPS member can be part of the cast!  Join the MHPS and helpkeep Murysville history alive!

Life of the 18th C. Woman

Murrysville Historical Preservation Society hosted Life of the 18th C. Woman with Sharon Parker, Lee Washlaski, Autumn and Lela Auer presenting.  Suellen Watt, MHPS member, greets members/guests playing auto harp.  Lots of hands on experience provided.   Great info on simple dress styles and purposes of garments, daily life activities, commonly prepared foods, common cooking utensils, hand carved gourds utilized as food containers, matriarchal society of Native Americans, MHPS memorabilia depicting 18th C. Murrysville life and 1700s Time Line.  Simple refreshments offered including assorted teas, lemon flavored water andhomemade sweet treats were enjoyed by all.

Sharon Parker in her handmadefinest!  One of three presenters for the Monday, March 16th MHPS meeting!

Depreciation Lands Museum, Allison Park,PA

Today I received an email from Karen Parsons at DLM ie. Depreciation Land Museum in Allison Park, PA. If you have not been there plan for yourself a living interactive historical experience! Don't go for your kids or grandkids...go for yourself! Check out their event agenda at: and on Facebook. You historians/re-enactors will be inspired! Bring the DLM energy back to your own communities and keep yesterday’s history alive for today and generations of tomorrows!

Location: Depreciation Lands Museum, Allison Park,PA                                                                              
“A Village Where History is Real Life"
Event:  Children’s Doll Tea
MHPS members participating: Carol and Jackie

Kudos to DLM for the outstanding 1700s Period venue of diverse events, reenactments, activities and support to historically minded and other historical societies in the Greater Pittsburgh area.  For more info view online at and on Facebook at Depreciation Lands Museum.  Explore, learn, be inspired and support local history initiatives wherever you are!

A big “Thank You” to all who supported Heritage Festival 2014 appeared in the Dec. 31st edition of the Penn-Franklin News.  

On Thursday, January 15th, the MHPS Local Roots Productions presents “An Afternoon in School with Mademoiselle Suzette” for the Murrysville Women’s Club luncheon/meeting at the Lamplighter Restaurant in Delmont. Present were Carol Intrieri, Suellen Watt, Regina Ranieri and Sharon Parker. Carol introduced the presenters and spoke of the importance of local history support to all communities.  Local history is what gives each community its unique identity and can set the direction for future cohesive community development. 

 Suellen presented as Suzette, an Indentured French Canadian School Marm seeking to find a husband in Western PA.  Student expectations and duties were explained.  All practiced their letters and numbers using a hornbill and slate board then sang Yankee Doodle accompanied by Suzette on her auto harp.  MWC/MHPS member, Lane Neff, failed to write on her slate board and was reprimanded by wearing the Dunce cap for 5 minutes. 

Period French attire of the late 1700’s handmade by Sharon was explained. Regina, as a student (not pictured) gave an informative local history report on the Sardis Road Rugh Family Stone Mansion, c.  late 1700’s, and the kidnap of the Rugh’s by the Seneca.  Regina and husband, Vito, currently inhabit the Rugh House and appreciate its historical significance to the Murrysville  community.

Thank you, Murrysville Women’s Club, for the delicious  luncheon and for your support of  the Murrysville Historical Preservation Society - Local Roots Productions.  The event was an engaging and fun learning experience for all!

WWII Veteran, Art Staymates, is returning to Murrysville on Monday, November 10th to speak on his WWII experiences at Normandy Beach and Nuremberg.  Joe Folino, also a WWII Vet will be speaking as well.  Monday’s event will take place at the Franklin Regional High School auditorium at 7:30 p.m. Happy Veteran’s Day to all who served!

MHPS welcomed Arts Staymates, WWII Veteran of Omaha Beach and Nuremberg, at Monday evening meeting.  In the Community Center room of almost 100 attendees, Art spoke of his personal wartime experiences of fear, enduring strength,  cold, wetness, fatigue and of finding the one true love of his life. Thank you, Art for your service, your courage and your unwavering lifelongpatriotic convictions.

Heritage Festival 2014

Heritage Festival 2014 Committee present from left to right: Carl and Snoopy, Jim, Patty, Alice, Ed Regina, Vito and Carol holding Henrietta bid you good tidings!  Come to the historical festival and be proud of our local history!

Well these parts of Franklin Township in historical Murrysville of  Westmoreland Co., PA, I would say that the MHPS held a mighty fine heritage event!  Not to say we did not have our glitches but what a day! With the support of Ben Sampson for use of the Sampson/Clark Toll House Grounds and major sponsors, Lynn and Patrick Gurrentz, the local history of Murrysville and Export became a living, intergenerational, interactive, multicultural, educational, hands on and tasty historical experience!  The MHPS, EHC, Murrysville Communty, participants and visitors from surrounding areas "Thank You"!

Thank you!

 In addition, we thank all supporters/donors to Heritage Festival 2014 including: 

Peoples Natural Gas Co., Brooks Family Foundation,S&T Bank,
Panichelle Financial Group, LLC, North park Lounge - Murrysville,
George and Joan Kotjarapoglus, Remaley Insurance, Dunkin’Donuts
- Murrysville, Ferri Grocery and Ferri Pharmacy, Andrew Maxwell
- Rivertown Brewery, Pasqualino’s Italian Eatery-Dom Pasqualino, Murrysville,
Ali’s Marketplace and Gluten Free Zone soon to open in Blue Spruce Shops,
TCBY, Jeffery Lockard - Murrysville, The Olive Merchant - Elaine Schweikarth,
380 Auction Barn - Jim Beacom II, Giant Eagle - Murrysville, Lou Biesuz, Artman Kubota,
Weister Insurance Agancy, Karen Ferri, Esq., and Erie Insurance  -
Sotak Insurance Agency, Mail and Copy Plus, Gearhard Bicentennial Farms,
Murrysville Parks and Rec./ Maintenance and Signs of Excellence.  

If I missed a name, I apologize.  Jackie will correct me!  And, If you missed us this year...not to worry!  God willing and the Creek don’t rise, we will do it again in 2015!  It is not too early to send in donations for Heritge Festival 2015! 

Lastly, gotta thank all who participated!  You were awesome! Could not do this without you! Your time, talents and skills are much appreciated!  To Boy Scout Troop 208, Girl Scout Troops 22126, 22123, Venturing Crew, Brian Lapay, Carol and Tom Lighthall, Salem Antiquities, Gayle Wertz, Fred Threfell, Drew Decrease, Tim Bulkovac - Applewood Cookery, Dan and Cathy Kernen, Scott Kelsey,

PA. Rep Eli Evankovich, Caroline Taddonio, Roberta Jones, Sandy Knepper, Terry Phillipi, Ray Spisak, Dave and Guy Sherb, Bill Moutz, Bill Vance, Judy Kane, Paul Claus, Andrew Knez, Erik Wible, Bob Learsoff, Suellen Watts, Janet Fortina and Marilyn Sorvas - Pittsburg Rifles, Bruce Garber, Lane Neff, Melanie Litz - Export Historical Committee, Joanna Demorest, Ed Banks, Doug, Dan and Cindy Plance, Dot Benevento and Ladies of St, Mary’s Christian Mothers, Patty Duff, Herb Gearhard, Mr. Josh/Mrs. (Joella Gearhard)  Dobbin, Linda and Leonard Benson, Murrysville Community Library - Carol Siefken, Brenda Walker, Alice Artman/Kansas, Steel Cup Roasters, Carl Patty, Regina/Vito Ranieri, Linda Marts, Lou Intrieri, Mary Margaret Galdes, my Co-Chair-Jackie Stempfer and me, Carol Intrieri.  More pictures on our Facebook page at Murrysville Historical Preservation Society.